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Board of Directors

Dr. Kamal Fahed Abu-Hechme

PHD. Economy and Political Science
Email: Dr.kamal@ebhaar.com

Mr. Mahdi Al-Rouili

Vice Chairman
Email: Mahdi@ebhaar.com

Mr. Fahed Kamal Abu-Hechme

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Master of Business Administration
Email: fahed@ebhaar.com

Mr. Saleh Mahdi Al-Rouili

Member of the Board of Directors
Email: saleh@ebhaar.com


1977 The owner start doing business with 2 Trailers.
1978 Land Transportation Department
1980 Customs CLearance Department
1982 Forwarding Department.
1986 Heavy Lift Department
2000 Software and information Technology Department
2002 Distribution and Consultancy Department

EBHAAR is a sister company of

Mahdi Al-Rouili Transport Est.
Established 1982
Commercial Register Number: 2050016582
License number: 934

Mahdi al-Rouili office for Customs Clearance
Established 1982.
License number: 1889


EBHAAR target is to be a global logistic company with offices all around the world and to achieve that target, we must focus on our core assets.

Description Quantity
Trailers Flat –bed 22 Tons 175 Trailers
3 Tons Trucks 12 Trucks
Containers Top Loaders 2
Forklifts 5-10 Tons 6
Dammam Transportation Yard Area 10,000 m ²
Riyadh Transportation Yard Area 5,000 m ²
Jeddah Transportation Yard Area 7,000 m ²
Dammam Containers Storage Terminal Area 90,000 m ²
Riyadh Containers Storage Terminal Area 10,000 m ²
Jeddah Containers Storage Terminal Area 50,000 m ²


  • Offer our customers a fast and accurate service with minimum price.
  • Continuous improvements in information technology.
  • Continue to motivate hard working staff and share the extra profits with them.
  • Make a regular and continuous maintenance to the transportation and handling equipment to maintain the optimum running of engines and minimize air pollution.
  • Be fair to the society and environment and help improving the quality of life locally and Globally.
  • Increase our value-added services to over-peer our competitors.

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