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We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best quality customers service locally and Internationally.

EBHAAR is much more than getting a piece of freight from one point to another. EBHAAR is committed to provide the best quality customer service by recruiting, training and motivating the best consultants in business, EBHAAR is willing to provide a comprehensive solution for all types of cargo.

Our service go beyond serving our customers to serve business owners in the same field such as local and international freight forwarders and transportation company.

Board of Directors

Dr. Kamal Fahed Abu-Hechme

PHD. Economy and Political Science
Email: Dr.kamal@ebhaar.com

Mr. Mahdi Al-Rouili

Vice Chairman
Email: Mahdi@ebhaar.com

Mr. Fahed Kamal Abu-Hechme

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Master of Business Administration
Email: fahed@ebhaar.com

Mr. Saleh Mahdi Al-Rouili

Member of the Board of Directors
Email: saleh@ebhaar.com

Our Services

As an integral part of International Logistics business freight forwarding plays a very vital and significant role in the transport systems and logistical requirements of modern business.

We cater to following functional services and ensure that we provide Cost effective freighting solutions.


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