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 Ocean Freight

We are an Ocean Freight Intermediary and NVOCC  ( Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier ).
We offer you thorough our experienced professionals a full ocean Freight services in Saudi Arabia and Worldwide.

  • LCL (Less Container Load)                                      Liquid Cargo
  • FCL (Full Container Load)                                       Dangerous Goods
  • Bulk Cargo                                                               Heavy Lift type of Cargo
  • LCL (Less Container Load)                                      Door to Door

Our services include the following and much more

  • Cargo Booking & Pick-up                                           Forwarding
  • Cargo Tracking & Tracking                                        Freight Consolidation
  • Purchase order Management                                    Insurance Services
  • Delivery Verification                                                   Internet Tracking
  • Destination Customs Clearance                                Letter of Credit Banking
  • Document Preparation                                               Project Logistics 
  • Distribution                                                                 Shipment Pre-Planning
  • Export Customs Clearance                                        Supplier Coordination
  • Export Documentation Preparation                            Purchase Order Management

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Shipping line Agents                                                  Pre Planning
  • Competitive pricing                                                    Fast and Reliable service 
  • On time delivery                                                         Long Term Projects
  • Tracking                                                                     Consolidation 

Air Freight

As an IATA agent for all major airlines, we provide a complete package of air Service in Saudi Arabia and Worldwide:

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Door to Door                                                              Distribution
  • Airport to Airport                                                        Export Customs Clearance
  • Door to Airport                                                           Export Documentation
  • Charters                                                                     Forwarding
  • Cargo Tracking                                                          Insurance Services
  • Reporting                                                                   Internet Tracking
  • Delivery Verification                                                   Latter of Credit Banking
  • Destination Customs Clearance                                Shipment Pre- Planning
  • Document Preparation                                               Supplier Coordination
  • Purchase order Management

Our competitive advantage

  • Direct IATA                                                                Pre-Planning
  • Competitive Pricing                                                   Fast and Reliable service
  • On time Delivery                                                        Long Term projects
  • Tracking                                                                    Consolidation

Land Freight

By using our own fleet of Trucks and Trailers off more than Trailers we offer you a full solution of all of your shipments to the following destinations.

  • All of Saudi Arabia Cities
  • All of GCC Countries  (Bahrain - Kuwait - Qatar - UAE and Oman )
  • Arabic Countries : (Jordan - Syria - Lebanon - Iraq - Egypt)

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Door to Door                                                           Export Customs Clearance
  • Heavy Lift                                                               Purchase Management
  • Destination Customs Clearance                            Supplier Coordination
  • Distribution                                                             Insurance Services
  • Reporting                                                               Internet Tracking

Our competitive advantage.

  • We use our own trucks                                            Fast and Reliable services
  • Pre Planning                                                            Competitive pricing
  • Advising                                                                   Tracking
  • Consolidation


 Door to Door Service

From and to all around the world for the following.

  • By Sea                      By Air                      By Road

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Cargo Tracking                                                       Insurance Services
  • Reporting                                                                Purchase Order Management
  • Delivery Verification                                                Export Documentation Preparation
  • Distribution 
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Insurance Services
  • Shipment Pre-Planning 
  • Internet Tracking         

Our competitive advantage.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • On Time Delivery
  • Tracking 
  • Advising
  • Fast and Reliable service
  • Consolidation 
  • Pre-Planning


All around Saudi Arabia.

  • Solutions to all Major Factories
  • Solutions to all Major Exporters
  • Solutions to all Major Importers
  • Solutions to Small Businesses

Our services include the following and much more

  • Cargo Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Delivery Verification
  • Shipment Pre-Planning
  • Internet Tracking

Our competitive advantage.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • On Time Delivery
  • Tracking 
  • Consolidation
  • Fast and Reliable service
  • Advising
  • Pre-Planning

Customs Clearance

By using our own license in Saudi Arabia and our agents worldwide we offer you a full Customs Clearance Service.

  • All of Saudi Arabia Seaports
  • All of Saudi Arabia Airports
  • All of Saudi Arabia Land Boarders

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Import Clearance                                                      Bulk Cargo
  • Export Clearance                                                      LCL Cargo
  • Direct Delivery Clearance                                         Food items
  • Temporary Export Clearance                                    Free Zone
  • Free Zone Clearance                                                Liquid items
  • Transit Clearance                                                      Lose Cargo
  • Laboratory                                                                 Animals and life stock vessels
  • SASO Certificate                                                       Insurance
  • Charter                                                                      All other types of cargo
  • Containers

Our competitive advantage.

  • Competitive Pricing                                                     Pre-Planning
  • On Time Clarence                                                       Advising
  • Tracking                                                                      Fast and Reliable service

Heavy Lift

Ebhaar Qualified professional team of engineers can offer you a full solution from loading the Vessel at point of origin to delivery at final destination.

Our services include the following and much more.

  • All of Saudi Arabia                                                        Huge Tanks
  • All of GCC Countries                                                    Factories Machineries huge
  • From 4 Axels up to 15 Axels Trailers                            Equipments 
  • From 20 Ton up to 500 Ton                                          Low bed Transportation
  • Transportation of Power plants                                     Over sized cargo 
  • Transportation of Transformers                                    Consultancy service
  • Insurance                                                                      Professional Engineers and labors

Our competitive advantage. 

  • Fast and Reliable service                                             Competitive Pricing
  • Advising                                                                        On Time Delivery
  • Pre-Planning                                                                 Tracking
  • Reporting                                                                      

Long Term Projects

From All around the World to Saudi Arabia and From Saudi Arabia to All around the World.

  • Solutions to Local and International Contactors
  • Solutions to Factories under Construction
  • Solutions to Huge Hyper Markets and shopping centers
  • Solutions to Traders
  • Solutions to Small contractors and Traders

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Door to Door                                                                     Shipment Pre-Planning
  • Cargo Tracking                                                                 Internet Tracking
  • Reporting                                                                          Insurance Services
  • Delivery Verification                                                          Document Preparation
  • Storage

Our competitive advantage.

  • Competitive Pricing                                                            Advising
  • On Time Delivery                                                               Fast and Reliable service
  • Tracking                                                                             Consolidation
  • Pre-Planning

Trade Flow Consultants

In Saudi Arabia and Major Gulf and Arabic Countries, We serve the following business sectors.

  • Traders                                                                                Distributors
  • Factories                                                                              Whole sellers
  • Suppliers                                                                              Customer – End User

Our services include the following and much more.

  • Establish Warehousing                                                        Management Consultants
  • Storage systems                                                                  Professional labors
  • Documents Preparation                                                       Recruitment
  • Insurance Services                                                              Case Studies
  • Computers Software